Vietti achieves the excellence in all wines it produces!

“If forced to live in a desert island, where it would be only served wines of one single producer, I would like Vietti to be such. They achieve excellence in all the wines they make…” (Monica Larner, Wine Advocate/Robert Parker #207, June 2013).


The history of Vietti Family azienda (company) has its origin in the 19th century. But it was only at the beginning of the 20th century that the name Vietti baptized a winery, a brand, and started to trade bottled wines.


Patriarch Mario Vietti produced in 1919 the first Vietti wines, sold almost entirely in Italy. His most important achievement was to transform the small rural property of the family in a company and producer of grapes and wines of high quality.


Since 1952 Alfredo Currado (Mario’s son-in-law and Luciana Vietti’s husband) gave continuity to the legacy of his father-in-law, and Vietti winery became one of the best wineries of Piemonte and one of the first in the region to export wine to American market.


Alfredo was a pioneer! He was one of the first to select and vinify separately grapes of singular vineyards, which can be called the Piedmontese “crus”, such as Brunate, Rocche, and Villero. Alfredo has also became known as “the father of Arneis”, because in 1967 he invested much time and energy to rediscover and understand this Piemontese white grape variety almost extinct. Presently, the Arneis wines are the most famous white wines of Roero apellation, located north of Barolo.


In 1970, Alfredo and Luciana, by means of their friendships and support to local artists, began the renovation of their wine labels. In fact, they say that it was in a long winter afternoon, eating and drinking with a group of artists, that one of them suggested to “pack the ‘art’ pruduced by Vietti in the cellar with art on the labels”. At that moment the new Vietti wine labels began to have the very beautiful form they still show today.


The Currados-Vietti had three children: Emanuela, Elisabetta, and Luca. In 1990, Luca, after intense work experiences in Bordeaux and California, began his career as winemaker and today is the responsible for the management of Vietti vineyards and also for the production of wines that carry the name of his family.


The Vietti wines are, surely, among the best of Piemonte and of the whole Italy. They are jewels produced in small scale and with enormous care; loved by consumers and praised by experts.