High quality and good prices from Loire Valley

Remy Pannier combines the constant search for quality in the vineyards throughout the winemaking process, resulting in the production of wines with quality and personality, which translate and reflect the great variety of Loire terroirs.


In 1885, François Rémy founded Rémy Pannier with the purpose of producing and trading wines from the area of Saumur, in the Loire Valley. With the association to Maison Ackerman, in 1956, the company developed and became the greatest wine producer and trader of all the Loire Vally.


In 2009 the company changed its name to Ackerman, and Rémy Pannier became one of Ackerman’s main wine brands.


The Ackerman success is due to the careful applied to the entire production process and to its ultramodern facilities dedicated to vinify and age the wines, Always seeking to preserve the peculiar characteristics and richness of the several Loire Valley grapes.


Counting on a competent staff of winemakers, Ackerman quality control is done at each winemaking center (and there are more than 150 thousand laboratory tests every year!), ranging from grape quality to bottled wine.


All these factors contribute to Ackerman leadership in its region, and to its global fame. Not by chance, it exports 60% of its production to more than forty countries.