The most admired brand in the world!


In 1844 Dr. Christopher and Mary Penfold founded Penfolds on a property called Magill Estate in Adelaide (South Australia).

As the company grew, so too did Dr. Penfold’s medical reputation, transferring part of the winery’s management to his wife. With Christopher’s death in 1870, Mary took full responsibility for the winery and directed it with great determination and effort.

In 1948 history imposed itself again. Max Schubert, hired in 1931 as Penfolds office boy, became the company’s first chief winemaker. A genius and a true innovator, Schubert established Penfolds’ fame on the global stage and became famous for his experiments with long-guard wines that culminated in the creation of the legendary Penfolds Grange in the 1950s.

In 1959 the production of the classic Penfolds Bins began. The first, Bin 28 is a Shiraz from Kalimna vineyard in Barossa and was named after the warehouse area number where it was aged.

In 1988 Max Schubert was elected Man of the Year by Decanter magazine.

In 2014 Penfolds celebrated its 170th anniversary by seeing the 2008 Grange gain 100 points from Robert Parker and Wine Spectator.

In 2019, with 175 years of history, Grange 2015 gets 100 points for 2 of the world’s top critics: Andrew Caillard MW and Nick Stock from!

Penfolds’ success has been driven by generations of visionaries who, by fusing science, art and innovation, have made it one of the most famous and respected wineries in Australia and the world.