Pazos de Lusco: bright whites from a boutique-winery.

Pazos de Lusco vineyards are located in a zone called “Tea County”, in the south portion of the Rías Baixas region, about 40 km from the Atlantic coast. Such distance from the sea makes Tea wines more mature and fruity than the wines from the coastal areas.


Tea is a mountain wine-growing area that extends from the right bank of the river Miño and is dedicated to growing Albariño variety. This area has the ideal conditions for high-quality viticulture: moderate rainfall, low winter temperatures, sunny summers, poor organic soil, sandy, very mineral and with excellent drainage.


Pazos de Lusco is a boutique winery, wih a tiny and handmade production. The wines of Pazos de Lusco are Albariños with a splendid fruit load, elegance, balanced and marked by mineral notes.