The finest amongst Prosecco.  

“The readers who want to try what is finest amongst Prosecco should put Nino Franco on top of their shopping lists” (Antonio Galloni, Wine Advocate’s critic, Robert Parker’s periodic).


Antonio Franco founded “Cantine Franco” in 1919 in the village of Valdobbiadene, located in the pre-Alpine region of Veneto, famous for the Prosecco grape (today, officially called “Glera”) and its sparkling wines. The winery of Franco family is proud of being one of the oldest wine producers of Valdobbiadene and, thanks to a careful and wise management, is growing and evolving along four generations.


Antonio founded the house, Nino expanded and re-baptized it, and Primo, helped by his wife Annalisa and, presently, also by his daughter Silvia, is increasing the performance of the winery during the last three decades.


1982, when Primo assumed the direction of the company, was an outstanding year for the winery. Primo began to travel constantly and to export its sparkling wines with great success to many countries in Europe, America, and East. Simultaneously, he invested in upgrading the winemaking process aiming the elaboration of wines of the best possible quality. Primo also began to intensively monitor the vineyards and grape cultivation, looking for the production of the best possible raw material.


Primo Franco was one of the pioneers to export Prosecco and to introduce in the international market a sparkling wine different from Champagnes. He is being extremely successful thanks to his open mind, spontaneity, competence, ability to communicate the passion to his work, and, of course, thanks also to his delicious and high quality wines.