The greatest owner of Côte d’Or Grand Cru vineyards.

The Latour family has been dedicated to viticulture since the 17th century (even before the winery establishment) and has been building, generation after generation, a unique Domaine in Burgundy, which sums today around 50 hectares. And, more important, Domaine Louis Latour owns the largest extension of Cote d’Or Grand Cru vineyards, with a total of almost 30 hectares.


Formally established in 1797, Louis Latour is a family company with consolidated history, which built their reputation grounded in the balance between tradition and innovation, and became internationally known by the quality of their white and red wines.


All grapes of the own Louis Latour domain vineyards are vinified at the historical cellar built in 1834 in Chateau Corton Grancey, in Aloxe-Corton. It was the first planned cellar built in France and the oldest still operating. Distributed in levels inside a gentle hill, the cellar is composed by a system that allows the winemaking process to  use the gravity force to move grapes, musts, and wines, thus eliminating the aggressiveness and some oxidation due to pumping machines.


In France Louis Latour was one of the pioneers in producing quality wines from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes outside the borders of Burgundy. Its wines produced in the region of Ardèche and Côteaux de Verdon are conquering prestige and markets by its excellent quality, rarely found out of Burgundy.


A rare case in the world of winemaking, Louis Latour takes to the extreme the quality control of the oak it uses. The company has its own cooperage, where it produces all the oak vats and barriques used in its cellars.


In 1997 the winery celebrated its bicentennial and was admitted in the exclusive “Club Hénokiens”, that is an entity restricted only to companies which are leaders  in their market segments; which still remain familiar; which have a history of at least 200 years; and still holds the name of its founder. There are approximately only 40 of these companies in the world!