The greatest family winery of Champagne.  

Established in 1812 and with more than 200 years of tradition, Laurent-Perrier is on the vanguard of the production of unique and elegant Champagnes. The company has been dedicating its history and know-how to the construction of one of the most respected houses and brands in Champagne, which is nowadays the biggest family winery of the region.


This success is mainly a result of the intransigence about centennial traditions of the House: respect to the nature and to wines, passion for quality, and solid and lasting relationships with employees, providers, and clients. It is also, undoubtedly, the result of the energy applied by Bernard de Nonancourt – creator of Laurent-Perrier’s style and products range – and by his daughters Alexandra and Stéphanie, who are preserving the independence of the House and perpetuating its values.


The independent spirit of the House has been being the engine of “winemaking creativity”, and the key to the birth and success of a range of unique Champagnes elaborated by the staff of famous Michel Fauconnet, the chief winemaker.


Based on this “creative liberty”, and seeking constantly the best possible quality, in 1959 Laurent-Perrier innovated and released Grand Siècle, first Champagne prestige cuvee composed by a blend of three exceptional vintages (so far the prestige cuvees were elaborated from wines of the same year). In 1968 Laurent-Perrier dared again and released its famous Cuvée Rosé Brut, a Champagne rosé produced exclusively with Pinot Noir grapes, through the technique of skin maceration (grape skin and must in contact, i.e., without mixing red and white wines, as it is usual in Champagne), to obtain a pink salmon color and to transmit to the wine more fruit aromas and complexity.


Laurent-Perrier is sophistication, elegance, history and tradition, but, above all, it is high quality Champagne!