The strongest Australian wine brand.  

More than 160 years ago a young English immigrant had a dream … to produce wines that would be awarded in every consumer market in the world. That dream came true. That man became a legend. His name was Thomas Hardy, an icon of Australian winemaking history.

In 1854 Thomas planted his first vineyards of Shiraz and Grenache in South Austrália region. The inaugural harvest, produced in 1857, marked the history of Australian wine industry for being the first to be exported in significant quantity to England.

In 1865, inspired by the notion that the blending grapes from different origins and characteristics would generate a better and more complex wine, Thomas began to produce interregional blends, mixing the grapes of his property with those from vineyards situated in regions further south .

In 1882 and 1886, Thomas Hardy’s wines won their first international awards, no less than gold medals in prestigious contests in Bordeaux and Paris.

Today, six generations later, Hardy’s vineyards are scattered throughout Australia’s finest wine regions such as Margaret River, Maclaren Vale, Coonawarra, Clare Valley, Tasmania … and the Hardy family continues to nurture that dream of the founder, offering the world a selection of high-quality, award-winning wines that proudly carry the name Hardy.

Hardy’s wines have received more than 6,950 awards throughout its history and Hardy’s has become Australia’s strongest wine brand with about 2 million glasses drunk per day in more than 50 countries.