Modern Spain is advancing.  

One of the youngest stars in González Byass’ constellation, Finca Constancia is the culmination of a project where the protagonist is the vineyard, in a modern century XXI château concept.

The farm is situated in Otero district, province of Toledo. This zone is bordered to the north by the Sierra de Gredos and to the south by the Montes de Toledo, in the basins of rivers Tajo (which in Portugal is called Tejo and is the longest river of Iberian Peninsula) and Alberche. At 90km from Madrid, Finca Constancia is located in a privileged terroir to grow vines and, as consequence with a very high potential to produce quality wines.

The property was acquired by González Byass group in 2001 and, after a thorough study of soil characteristics and local climatology, the vineyards were planted with the varieties that best suited the terroir of the estate. The 200 hectares vineyard nowadays produces Spanish indigenous and foreign varieties. There are 70 hectares of Tempranillo; 37.5 of Cabernet Sauvignon; 35 of Syrah; 10 of Cabernet Franc; 10 of Petit Verdot; 7.5 of Graciano; 12 of Verdejo; 4 of Sauvignon Blanc and 4 of Chardonnay.

The winery was built in 2006 using the most modern techniques and everything was thought to privilege the quality of the wine. The winery was designed to produce both young wines and great complex wines, at the height of the best in Spain.