The family who created the Chianti.

The Barone Ricasoli winery can be defined in a few revealing words: the true essence of Chianti Classico!

In fact, the Ricasoli family is closely linked to the history of Italian wine. The creation of Chianti wine is credited to Baron Bettino Ricasoli, when in 1872, after thirty years of research and experimentation – uniting passion, art and science – he wrote the “Chianti formula” in the famous letter addressed to Professor Cesare Studiati of Pisa University, in which he exalted the aromas and structure of Sangiovese, the softness of Canaiolo and the tendency of Malvasia to dilute wines, which made the Baron suggest that this grape should not be part of the blend of the best wines of his region .

In addition to being the creator of Chianti, the Ricasoli family has been producing wines since 1141, when they acquired the legendary Castello di Brolio. This long history makes Barone Ricasoli the fourth oldest company in the world and the oldest winery in Italy.

Currently headed by Baron Francesco Ricasoli, Baron Bettino’s great-grandson, the winery lives a brilliant moment in its history. In addition to redesigning its 245 hectares of vineyards with the best clonal selections of Sangiovese and other varieties, increasing density per hectare, identifying and studying the various micro-terroirs (plantations) of the property and planting the most suitable strains in each plot, Baron Francesco modernized the old cellar. Implanted the most modern systems of winemaking by gravity, invested in French oak barrels and, most importantly, installed small fermentation tanks to vinify separately each micro-terroir of its property, seeking, therefore, the production of true Tuscany “crus”.

ed to winning the most prestigious awards worldwide, in 2009 the Ricasoli family celebrated an unprecedented feat for the winery: the Chianti Classico Castello di Brolio 2006 received 96 points from Wine Spectator and ranked 5th in the Top 100. Thus, it has become the Chianti best ranked in the history of the Wine Spectator Top 100; also was the best Italian wine in the 2009 edition and, to complete the triple achievement, received the highest score ever awarded to a Chianti by the Wine Spectator!